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Bonus Guide: Building Social Media Content Calendar To Achieve Your Digital Goals

Amazingly social media is getting all attention these days thanks to lockdown phase. Do all of you have social media posts queued up and ready, just waiting to click on send button? But, what about upcoming month? Upcoming year? Upcoming 2-years?

Although you don’t need to know every little detail that will be happening into future, as general idea it is good to consider having a strategy. Even a vague social media marketing strategy and tactic could serve you better instead of simply stressing out on building every next post. For various social media platforms, creating social media content calendar template could be advantageous. One single calendar template would help you mobilize tons of materials including videos, photos, tweets, blogs, and much more. 

Another advantage of creating social media content is that with little planning you can take much of guesswork out of equation. Keep reading and you will find out benefits of building social media calendar. Also, you would get to know what is best way to create it and how you can easily modify template for upcoming media campaigns across different social media platforms. So, what are you waiting to start discovering best way to organize and curate content for selected social media platforms. 

Complete Guide To Build Social Media Calendar

‘The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand’ – Sun Tzu, The Art Of War. In short, it is essential; to go begin creating your social media calendar by strategizing. Of course, this book has no direct relation to social media but it offers an applied sentiment. In other words, failure to plan would guarantee fruitless results. So, start by developing and organizing strategy. This way your social media marketing efforts are bound to flourish. 

In concept, social media marketing and building content calendar are super simple. Your template is a tool that helps you plan, schedule, and post content across various social media platforms. So, you got to decide what to publish, and which social media platform to use.  Here, check-out a simple way to do it: 

  1. Spreadsheets: First one first, Microsoft excel is budget-friendly way to visualize social media campaigns. It is a real bonanza. Use an excel spreadsheet to plan coming weeks and months. 
  2. Tangible Calendars: To bring your social media content marketing to live use a hard copy calendar. It is a fantastic way to properly visualize what is coming up and then preparing tasks in hand. 
  3. Applications: Presently, there is tons of application on play store and app store to automate your life. From content scheduling, notification, and auto-publishing to manging pages, there are applications for nearly everything. 

Benefits Of Building Social Media Content Calendar

Here is basic list of what your social media calendar should include: 

  1. Consistency: One of essential ways to ensure success is pivoting. In other words, finding right balance regularly. An on-time posting would help you with maintaining brand awareness. Since there is limit to how much you can post in one day, it is best to practice moderation and avoid posting too many times in a day. For example, 14-18 tweets are a day is just enough. Plus, it is easy to get confused about quality vs. quantity. One of best practices is to give quantity first and let your audience decide quality. In both cases, your social media calendar will come in handy.

  2. Important Dates: Big brand launch, new tech launch, discount dates, offer deals dates, sale, and much more. One fantastic way to keep up with important dates is by marking it on calendar with unique color code. By simply being aware of some special day, our dedicated event you could easily make your hashtag trending and collect a lot and lot of engagement. For example: 
  3. New Year’s Day
  4. Valentine Day
  5. Independence Day
  6. National Social Media Day, etc. 

From Golden Globe Awards Day to Earth Day, each one offers an unsophisticated marketing opportunity. Simply capitalize these days by creating and publishing unique content. Although you can expect some silly days for example: Take your dog to work day, regardless, it is better to know what is upcoming. This way you can easily avoid missing out chance to promote your business and brand. Always include special occasions and national holidays into your content strategy. 

Hawk-Eye View

Building a perspective that allows you to see your content marketing calendar template in light of objective is truly a key. You can rely on analytics, and to succeed in mentioning details leverage hawk-eye view. This is a sure-shot way to find gaps and to bounce back using skills. Additionally, it makes it easy to curate content on different social media platforms. 

Content Mix 

By this time, you would know about just how much diversification you can achieve. To make an interesting profile, avoid posting all about products or sales. To gain more followers, your content marketing strategy must be mix of topics, formats, and channels. So, 

  1. Include user generate content
  2. Upload industry video, articles, and stories
  3. Interact with followers

Pro Tip: Start using social media management application to get on-time alerts. 

Moving to How-To’s Of Social Media Content Calendar

So, there could be several ways to build social media calendar, here is general ingredients to sketch out your template. 

  1. Content Generate By User
  2. Trending Quotes
  3. Upcoming Events
  4. Blogs or Articles
  5. Guidelines or Tips
  6. Interactive Conversations 
  7. Latest Promotions
  8. Updated Announcements
  9. Multimedia Pieces 
  10. Internet Content 

Note: Using aforementioned ingredients, you can easily cook variety of social media sauce. 

Performing Audits

Now, you are almost ready to start posting your content. And, here is one last piece of advice, avoid choosing to post on all social media at once. Select 4-5 social media platforms and focus just on them. Here, check-out some question to ask to yourself: 

  1. Which social media platform to use?
  2. Are selected social media platforms underutilized?
  3. Are there any charges to use these platforms?
  4. What should be primary aim? 
  5. Which one of selected platforms is best for creating engagements?

Determining Timing

Once you are done with overviewing social media platforms, next comes selecting times of posting your post. For example, blog posts could be shared on every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Instagram accounts would need to be updated on daily basis. Tweets again should be updated 15-20 times a day. 

However, scheduling and post timing depends on individuals. One good habit to follow is to always tweak your content/post to best suit need of hour. 

Crafting Updates

Whenever you are ready now, get ahead of your time and take charge of your brand. Whether you use spreadsheets, applications, and whole databases ensure to label your latest updates. 

Here is basic list of labels that make perfect updates: 

  1. Post Title
  2. Scheduled Date
  3. Publish Timing
  4. Content-Type
  5. Text To Posting 
  6. Links
  7. Expected Date
  8. Other Links
  9. Total Word Count 

Simply routine of updating posts with creative labelling could help you to gain better perspective on what to publish and what to hold. 

Make Special Events Extra Special 

Keeping an eye on special events would require further planning. Again, avoid missing on: 

  1. Launch of products
  2. Upcoming Holidays
  3. Important meetups
  4. Latest announcements


No one size fits all. Adding latest details in your calendar and spreadsheet is easy way to achieve optimization. Things you might want to include: 

  1. Dates – Highlight important time
  2. Updates – Work is in progress or complete?
  3. Assignments- Roles and responsibilities

In beginning, it seems hard but as you move one you will easily gain more momentum. So, start posting and engage your audience. 

Wrapping Up 

Building a social media calendar also requires some fieldwork. Creating amazing content is recipe to success in business and branding in long-run. Also, it will save your time, money, and energy. Now stand out from crowd and broadcast yourself by making content template.   

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