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Do You Love Online Grocery Shopping? Here You Will Learn How Do Online Piano Lessons Work

As news of COVID-19 pandemic spread, people responded by stocking up. While huge fashion, apparel & luxury retailers are shutting down production, other industries, like medical, food & beverage, and grocery retail, have seen an unprecedented spike in demand. Moreover, the trend of teaching music lessons online has also risen. 

Thanks to technology today, not just you can buy groceries online but also learn to play your favorite piano right from your living room. The best music teachers are all around globally, so if you’re confused about learning to play music is as effective as taking classes face to face. The answer is yes!

8 Benefits of Online Piano Music Lessons

While traditional courses have its benefits, there are some great benefits to learning the piano online. Let’s dig in the right!

1: Flexibility

Online lessons are more flexible. There’s no time constraint, and you can set the class timings as per your convenience. Unfortunately, many people don’t have access to a professional music teacher in their area, so taking online lessons means they can get the chance to learn from the best–– even if they live miles away. When comparing online teachers, see what additional stuff is available to you. Make sure the tutor you choose fits with your piano learning goals.

2: Comfort

Another great advantage of online piano music lessons is that you don’t need to go to places, nor anyone is visiting at your home. Truth to be told, even if your music tutor comes to your place, you’d need to get dressed, make everything perfect around, and perhaps offer them a cup of tea. Now, think about taking a lesson wearing your favorite pajamas! Isn’t it great? Let’s do it.

3: Pricing

You may find free tutorials on music platforms or YouTube, but those are NOT lessons. If you want to learn the online piano lesson, you must get personalized instruction from the teacher who can listen to you and correct your mistakes. These instructions will raise your bar from the lower level to the intermediate/upper one. Online music lessons are usually less expensive than classroom classes, mostly because there’s no need to rent a space or pay for other expenses. In simple words, each session wouldn’t cost you more than you pay for buying cashews online

4: Tailor-made

In the groups, the individual preferences are ignored, and the students learn music according to their instructor’s guide. Whereas, in private music lessons, the teacher pays attention to the students’ choice, and help them learn their own musical taste and style. This personal attention makes students more active and encourages them to learn fast.  

Besides, if you bump into some difficulties while learning, your teacher may provide you reinforcement, and wait to absorb the lesson. In short, your tutor will not move to the next level until you learn the first one. 

5: Time-saving

As said above, you don’t need to dress up or arrange transport for the class; all this saves your time when you sign up for online music lessons. You just have your instrument ready, and the class begins. 

6: It helps you organize your time better

Because COVID-19 has affected our lives badly, we all are dealing with frustration. Nowadays, many of us are taking this lockdown time to enjoy being at home, learn new things, and doing all that stuff we never did before. 

And one of the keys is waking up on time, doing some chores, cleaning the house, etc. In that sense, taking music lessons online may add a great element to your isolation routine. Take your time to practice lessons every day! Above all, staying positive is essential! 

7: Helps builds confidence

While some people say that online courses don’t help in building child’s confidence, the truth is they are better than traditional ones as it allows one-to-one interaction with the teacher. Moreover, they get exposure to participating in a chat, or other online forums, which they don’t get in a classroom. 

8. Keep learning throughout the week

Online lessons allow you to learn at your own pace. It’s up to you if you want to keep learning all week long or just a few days per month. If you master lessons quickly, you can move on to another one quickly.

Moreover, when traditional private lessons over, you don’t get a chance to interact with your teacher and wait for the next class. But in online classes, if you get stuck on something, you can ask your teacher anytime without worrying about waiting until the next class. This reduces the chances of mistakes on your end as you’re being taught throughout the week. 

Before Your Lesson–Things to Check

First, you’ll need to search for the best music teacher and exchange contact info with them, so you’re not wasting time and starting immediately. 

We also suggest doing a trial of a day or two, making sure you like the teaching style, etc. If you find the teacher appropriate, move forward.  

Before your first lesson, check if your internet connection, Skype, sound, and the video camera, are all correctly working. Then, sign in to Skype or other webinar platforms you are using at least 5 minutes before your lesson starts. This initial checking is essential to make sure the program is working fine, and you are available on time!

During Your Lessons- What to Expect?

For beginners, teachers start teaching with basic music theory and piano playing technique. They will begin with how to read music, rhythms, scales, note names, key signatures, etc. Once you learn all this, they will start with simple exercises and songs, so you’re ready to tackle instrument in any style!

For advanced/ intermediate/players, the teacher emphasizes on music theory––students starts learning all styles, such as Jazz, Classical, Broadway, and many others. 

At what age should kids start learning piano?

The ideal age to start piano lessons is somewhere between the age of 6 and 10-years-old. 

Final thought

Same as you do online shopping; online education is the newest trend. You can learn so many different skills like cooking, knitting, drawing, ballroom dance, woodworking, even playing the piano or other music; you can find an online teacher for it.

Students who choose online classes learn to handle everything on their own than those who attend traditional classes. This is due to the convenience, flexibility, and resource availability, the control each student has of their own learning process. The best part is they get exposed to technology, which will help them move fast in the future. 

Furthermore, online learning is less stressful because of numerous reasons we already mentioned (no dressing, fewer distractions, etc.) and you get the same knowledge your peers have who keep attending face to face lessons.

Now you have learned 8 great reasons to get online piano lessons: you can begin searching for the right teacher today! To be honest, online learning is the future!

Thank you for reading!

Take care of yourself, and make the best out of the lockdown period. And if you like this article, share it with all music lovers. 

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