Five Benefits of Wire Drawing from Brookfield Wire

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Along with being among the finest of the wire drawing companies in the industry, Brookfield Wire also offers numerous other products and capabilities. This blog’s focus, however, is on why partnering with Brookfield Wire as your wire drawing supplier is a great idea.

What is Wire Drawing?

People not in the industry may hear “wire drawing” and think that it is a type of drawing using wire. Quite the contrary. Wire drawing means drawing as in the phrase, “long and drawn out.” Essentially, wire is run through a die at room temperature until it is “drawn” to the specifications required. Drawn wire is used for a number of applications and industries, including electrical wiring, cables, tension-loaded structural components, and even stringed musical instruments.

Benefits of Wire Drawing

There are numerous benefits tied to wire drawing, but here are five to focus on.

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Excellent Surface Finishing

Depending upon the alloy being used, wire drawing can also be used as a surface finishing process. Running the wire through the dies makes scratches and other defects in the metal more uniform, thus creating a better and more even finish in the final product.

Mass Production Capabilities

A company like Brookfield Wire is able to feed through large quantities of wire, which means bulk orders are easily accommodated.

Control of Demanding Dimensions

The process of wire drawing involves a lot of repetition until the desired dimensions are reached. As long as there are experienced machinists involved, specific dimensions are highly accessible.

Economical Efficiency

Wire drawing does not require a lot of manpower, again, assuming the machinists involved bring experience and expertise to the job. If the right machinery is invested in by the manufacturer, production is effective and efficient.

wire drawing companies

Quick Turnaround

As has already been mentioned, Brookfield Wire is able to commit to a fast turnaround whenever needed. Wire drawing lends itself to quick production, so fast turnaround time is a natural asset tied to this type of manufacturing.

Wire drawing, like all manufacturing processes, is only as good as the manufacturer who is engaged in the process. When you partner with Brookfield Wire, you know that you are receiving products manufactured by a business that has led the industry since 1947. With every project Brookfield touches, this experience and expertise shines through.

If you are seeking bulk supplies of drawn wire, make sure you select a company with experience, expertise, and guaranteed quality. For all of these factors, Brookfield Wire is your best choice. Contact them today to submit an RFQ, or call them today to learn more about their wire drawing services.