Glass Stair Panels | How to Ensure Safety

glass stair panels

Safety Glass Panels for Stairs

If you ever noticed the captivating stair evolution to modern glass stairs, it is something that induces awe. The illusion of walking on air and the light emanating from the glass stair panels make the possession of a glass staircase as something that stands out and elicits an impressed response to newcomers. 

When constructing any type of stairs, safety is a necessity. Glass stair panels are no exception, which is why they are enhanced to improve durability and reduce risk.


If you think  you don’t have the space for fancy glass stairs or haven’t seen any that would fit in your building, you may have overlooked the customizability of a glass staircase.


Your glass panels can be any range of transparent you desire, whether it is completely transparent or completely translucent. Your glass can be colored the traditional green/blue or a completely clear appearance. Different layers of color can also be implemented in the creation of your glass stair panels, as can your logo or any custom images you want to include. 

In addition to the look of the glass, these panels will also enhance the surrounding area by spreading light into previously untapped spaces.


The shape of your glass staircase and r glass panels are designed to best fit your space. The traditional rectangular stair panels are a reliable choice, but triangle stair panels are increasingly used for spiral staircases. The goal in stair panel shapes is to best use your space with the most visually appealing design.

glass stair panels


To achieve safety in your glass floor panels, you can add features to your panels. There are a variety of slip resistant features like traction control ceramic frits, sandblasting, and acid etched textures.

If the natural reflection of light isn’t enough for you, consider adding LED lighting. In your custom staircase, LED lit stairs can elevate the presentation of your stairs.

Structural Design

To imbue strength into a glass staircase, look no further than the engineering. With an aluminum grid system, you will have a reinforced staircase with a lightweight but strong structure. The design can be adjusted to fit any shape that you desire for your dream glass staircase. 

glass stair panels


To ensure the safety of your glass stair panels and maintain their beauty, cleaning your is a must. To clean your stair panels, you need to be cautious to avoid damage. You should use a non-alkaline detergent that doesn’t contain any abrasives or polishing agents. 

Residue on the glass from cleaning also needs to be wiped away. If you are having difficulty in removing residue from your glass panels,  use a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. When you scrub your panels, use only a moderate amount of force to avoid scratching.

 Where to Get Glass Stair Panels

For the glass staircase you have envisioned, you can find installers or just the pieces needed from a supplier near you. Because of the non-traditional materials used, glass staircases can be difficult to install, so consider finding a contractor who can take the project from start to finish.