Everything You Need To Know About Motor Mounts

motor mount

Motor mounts are one of the most important aspects of your vehicle’s engine. The motor mount holds the engine in place and is also commonly referred to as the “engine” mount.” The motor mount has a simple function, but it is also the most important function of your vehicle. The motor mount holds the engine in a place where the engine and vehicle chassis meet.

 What Are Motor Mounts?

Engine mounts hold the engine in place, connecting the engine to the vehicle chassis. The motor mount is primarily composed of rubber and metal plates. The metal supports the weight of the engine while the rubber minimizes the vibrations that occur when the engine is running, allowing for smooth driving and optimal performance.

The Signs of Bad Motor Mounts | Motor Mount Symptoms

motor mount

#1 Heavy Vibrations

The motor mount in a vehicle is comprised of rubber and metal. Over time, the rubber will wear down due to the vibrations of the engine when it runs. If you are driving and hear louder than normal vibration sounds, it may be time to have your engine mounts looked out.

#2 Engine Movement

If you turn a corner quickly, or accelerate your vehicle and notice that the engine is moving, there may be an issue with your motor mount. It could be that a metal plate or a screw is loose. You should not drive your vehicle until the engine has been secured in place with a new motor mount. 

#3 Impact Noises

Impact noises will come from your engine if you have a loose motor mount. Clunking, knocking, or banging is not normal and you should consider getting your car checked out to ensure that there are no issues with your motor mount.

How To Find The Right Motor Mount

If you are having problems with your motor mount, it is time to get it replaced. The best way to find the proper motor mount for your vehicle is to look in your owner’s manual and work with either your dealership or mechanic to find the proper engine mount for you.

The Cost To Replace Motor Mounts | Motor Mount Price

Motor mounts come in a variety of different prices because each size, shape, and model will be different depending on the kind of vehicle you are shopping for. Also, when motor mounts break, they often cause damage to different parts of the vehicle’s chassis, so additional repairs are often needed.

Where To Find A Good Motor Mount

Talk to a reputable car parts specialist near you to find the best engine motor mount for your vehicle’s needs. Finding the right motor mount for your vehicle is vital to keep your vehicle running and prevent irreversible transmission damage. Learn more today!