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The space you live in is everything. It’s where you wake up, where you cook your meals, where you make memories, and everything in between. So if you feel like your home is lacking something, or you feel uninspired in your space, it’s time to make a change. That’s where qualified residential painters near you can make all the difference. Residential painters can give new life to your home and help create a space you can really enjoy.

Below we’ll talk about some color theory, and how you can choose an interior color to best suit your needs.

4 Great Residential Painting Color Options


Red is an incredibly bold choice often associated with feelings of anger, passion, or love. Red sends an intense message. Full rooms painted a bright shade of red may be a bit overwhelming, so this color is best used with some restraint. Different shades of red that are perhaps a bit less saturated, or a bit darker could work really well in applications like a kitchen or mudroom. It’s probably best to avoid red in spaces that require focus, such as an office or library. 

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Another option for using red is on an accent wall, to keep it more contained, while still adding a bit of flavor to the room. 


  • Red is very intense
  • Best Used in Moderation
  • Darker Shades are a bit more accessible
  • Accent Walls can work nicely


Red’s opposite and rival, blue, evokes much different emotions. Painting your room blue creates a calm space, and helps people to feel more comfortable and secure. This makes blue a great choice for almost any room in the house! No matter where you are, security and tranquility are always welcome. A pale shade of blue could go nicely in a work area, or even a bedroom, to help bring about that ever-elusive peace of mind.


  • Blue is very calming
  • Has a wide range of applications
  • Paler shades are more common, but bolder options are fun to experiment with


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Green shares a few similarities with blue. Both are known to evoke feelings of rest and security, but green also has a connection to the natural world. Green is also often associated with wealth and health due to money being green, as well as much of nature. It has often been said that green can be invigorating and help people’s minds stay on task. Much like blue, green is ideal for workspaces. 


  • Green shares similar qualities to blue, but also while also promoting health
  • Best used in focused environments 


Gray is a mature color often used in formal settings. Perhaps the most attractive quality about grey is its versatility. Sometimes, white can be a bit too bright, and black is usually too dark, but gray bridges the gap. Gray is usable in almost any room of the home, and can be complemented by nearly any color. It’s just important to make sure that you choose a temperature of gray that best suits the room. 


  • Professional and formal in tone
  • Highly versatile
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