Why Full Dental Implants Near Me Are The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Gift Yourself Dental Implants this Holiday Season

During the holiday season, people spend months carefully selecting gifts for their loved ones. It’s a time to show your love for others and receive love as well. During the season of giving and receiving, have you ever thought about giving yourself a gift? Full dental implants near me can give you a lasting smile that will restore your confidence in the new year. 

Full dental implants near me are a popular tooth replacement solution due to their design and durability. Dental implants also mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, unlike traditional dentures. Traditional dentures often require adjusting the way you eat or smile, and can cause discomfort. Local dental implants can eliminate these discomforts while giving you a beautiful smile. 

If you’re still unsure, keep reading to learn about the procedure for full dental implants near me, dental implant cost, and their benefits. 

Durability of Local Dental Implants

Model of full dental implants near me

Full dental implants near me are a popular tooth replacement option because of their longevity. Implants are a better option because, when compared to dentures or partials, implants don’t require as much maintenance and upkeep. You can brush and floss your implants just like you would your natural teeth. Correct oral hygiene paired with regular dentist visits will keep your implants in great condition, and can help them to last for over two decades. 

Unlike traditional dentures, local dental implants won’t lose their shape or grow uncomfortable over time. Many patients with traditional denture implants describe pain in their mouth due to the denture rubbing against their jaw bone. Overall, traditional dentures are no longer the #1 tooth replacement solution. Full dental implants near me will stay in place and save you from additional stress and pain. 

Full Dental Implants Near Me Procedure

While the idea of local dental implants may seem scary, there’s nothing to worry about. When you visit a trusted and reputable dental implant provider, you can feel safe knowing that the dentists and surgeon have your comfort and care in mind. 

Before your full dental implants near me procedure, there are a few steps to complete. First, you will have an initial consultation with the dental team of your choosing. The consultation will cover questions regarding your overall health and any questions you have. After you have decided on a dental team and surgeon and they have deemed that you’re a good fit, you will need to have your decayed or broken teeth removed to make space for your new implants. Once your implants are in place, your gums will be sewed up to allow for healing. Different types of local denture implants affect the length of the procedure. 

Some dentists may differ, but most dental implant surgeons offer 4 types of dental implants:

  • Single dental implant
  • Secure upper denture 
  • Secure lower denture
  • Full Mouth Replacement 

The oral surgeon that you choose will be able to explain each type of dental implant to you and which replacement is the best fit. 

Cost of Full Dental Implants Near Me

full dental implants near me procedure

If you’ve started to look online for the cost of full dental implants near me, chances are you’ve found some intimidating prices. While many dental offices have expensive implant prices, it is possible to find an affordable implant provider who will give you the best smile possible. Some implant providers will be closer to $2,000 for a single implant, rather than the daunting $6,000. 

It’s also important to discuss insurance plans and payments with the provider that you choose. Additional insurance can help reduce the overall cost of local dental implants. With the holiday season still in the air, it’s time you treat yourself to a new smile with full dental implants near me.