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Working With Aircraft Landing Gear Manufacturers

Aircraft landing gear is made up of many components that work together for safe landing. The main components of a landing gear system are: tires, wheels, side braces, retraction actuators, the shock absorber, axle, and torque links. In order to put together an entire landing gear system, you will need to find aircraft landing gear manufacturers that make some or all of these parts.

In order to connect with top aircraft landing gear manufacturers for your project, it helps to know exactly what you are looking for. Aircraft landing gear technology and design has evolved over the years to incorporate different materials and engineering techniques. If you know what parts and systems you need made, then you’ll have better luck finding the right aircraft landing gear manufacturers who use the most cutting-edge technology.

Brake System

An essential part of a landing gear system is the brakes. Obviously, the brake system keeps the aircraft at the right pace for safe and secure landing. If you need brake parts from aircraft landing gear manufacturers, look for electronically controlled anti skid brake systems. Traditionally, brake systems were run mechanically, but as the world moves toward more automation, brake systems are as well.

Electronic systems should be easier to manage and require less maintenance than traditional systems. Talk to aircraft landing gear manufacturers about their specific brake system design and the level of upkeep required before you purchase.

Actuation System

The actuation system performs a number of functions on an aircraft. Actuators extend and retract the landing gear, position the engine inlet, open and close cargo doors, and much more. An actuation system is an essential part of landing gear as it keeps the aircraft under control and adjusts parts as needed.

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As with brake systems, actuation systems are also moving toward electric controls. Many aircraft landing gear manufacturers will offer electric actuation parts to give you a more seamless experience. When compared to conventional hydraulic systems, electric systems are lighter in weight and do not have safety issues like leaking and fire hazards.

Steering System

Another part of landing gear systems is the steering, which controls the direction of the aircraft. Whether you need just a few steering parts replaced, or you need the entire system redone, aircraft landing gear manufacturers can get you the parts you need. Electric steering systems are the new standard, as they are more accurate and can incorporate changes in technical parameters. If you want to move forward with your aircraft technology, find aircraft landing gear manufacturers who offer electronic steering systems.

Find Aircraft Landing Gear Manufacturers Today

Now that you are familiar with the general parts of an aircraft landing system, you’re one step closer to finding aircraft landing gear manufacturers. It’s important to establish your budget as well, so you find companies that work on similar size projects.

As aircraft technology evolves, aircraft landing gear manufacturers should evolve with it. For example, high-strength titanium and aluminum alloys are now being employed in aircraft manufacturing. These materials are more durable, but require specialized skills as they are hard to mold and form. Aircraft landing gear manufacturers that work with these complex materials to produce quality materials should be a top choice when you are seeking a supplier.

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Keep in mind that quality control is essential in aircraft manufacturing, and don’t hesitate to ask a company what safety and testing parameters they have in place. If you do your research and set your expectations beforehand, you’ll have no trouble finding aircraft landing gear manufacturers.