Where Can I Find Glass Blocks for Sale? | Here’s How to Find the Best End Product

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Where Should You Buy Glass Blocks?

If you’ve found yourself wondering: Where can I buy glass blocks? — don’t worry. You are not alone in wondering where and how to find reputable suppliers of glass blocks. Blocks that are glass can be used for a number of design and architectural projects. Some enjoy glass blocks for their historical aesthetic, others enjoy them because they allow natural light to flow into a space without needing a gas or electric source. Whatever your reason, if you’re looking for glass blocks for sale, you want a trustworthy manufacturer.

Before you find a glass block supplier, it helps to understand some of the most popular applications of glass blocks in design projects.

What is a Glass Block Panel?

panels of glass blocks

A glass block panel is when the blocks are formed in a vertical or horizontal shape that can be used as a window, wall, door, or other application. Most commonly, you’ve probably seen glass block panels as small windows in basements. In order to make glass block panels, individual blocks for sale need to be put together and sealed into the right shape and size.

Oftentimes, suppliers who sell individual or small sets of glass blocks will also be able to customize and build full glass block panels. These panels are built using silicone instead of mortar, and once they are installed they require little to no maintenance. That’s why homeowners like having glass block panels in their basements. Once they are installed, they can trust that these blocks that are glass will seal the space from the outside elements without much issue.

Glass Block Windows

windows of glass blocks for sale

Another popular application of this type of blocks are glass block windows. Glass block windows are popular for new construction homes and businesses where the foundation of the space can be built around the window.

Glass block windows are built using a vinyl frame that’s welded together for maximum strength and longevity. While this application of glass blocks is similar to panels, these windows are designed and manufactured differently. Homeowners like glass block windows in more populated spaces where visitors can enjoy the natural light that pours in.

Find Glass Blocks for Sale

Panels and windows are probably the most popular form of glass block applications, but there are more possibilities for designs with blocks depending on the manufacturer you choose.

So how do you determine: Where can I buy glass blocks?

First, set your project specifications and your budget. If you want to have success finding a glass block supplier, you need to work with a company who can meet your expectations. Next, perform an online search about the top glass block suppliers in your area. If you have friends or relatives who have installed glass blocks in their homes before, ask them what their experiences were like. This could lead you to find the top supplier of glass blocks in your area.

Keep in mind that blocks and their applications span a variety of engineering and design projects. While glass blocks for sale are popular in homes, they can also be used in office buildings, museums, public spaces, stores, and more. For that reason, some companies prefer to work only on large scale projects. When you find a company that manufactures the right glass block sizes, take a look at their portfolio and past projects. This way, you can gauge the type of work they prefer to do and the size and scale of their customers.

If you set expectations up front, you’ll have a much easier time finding glass blocks for sale. Then, you’ll be able to get started on your project.