Where To Find High-Quality Pallet Boards

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Benefits of Pallet Boards

Shipping managers and facility operators must ensure their shipping processes are fully optimized. It’s crucial to understand that there are two main types of shipping boards: lumber pallet boards and plastic shipping boards. Even though the use of plastics has risen in the past few decades, pallet boards for sale are still the preferred choice for shipping and product transportation. When pallet boards are well-crafted, the pre-cut lumber creates a strong and sturdy shipping container.

Millions of businesses rely on hardwood pallets for sale every day for their shipping and handling operations. These Boards are made from lumber that is cut, shaped, and finished to replicate a shipping container. Pallet boards are most commonly used to transport heavy materials, and therefore, the pallet boards must be made from high-quality lumber. Many people believe that pallet stock or lumber is “scrap” wood, but this is not true, it’s the opposite. Pallet lumber must be sturdy.

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Plastic Pallets vs Hardwood Pallet Boards

Even though some facilities may use plastic pallets, there are more benefits to using wooden pallets that are overlooked.


Wooden boards are less expensive than plastic pallets. This is an ideal way to save money while shipping overseas. Overseas shipping means that you will not get the wooden pallet back. Investing in the cheapest but sturdiest option will guarantee you do not waste money.


Pallet boards for sale are completely recyclable and biodegradable, making them an ideal choice for sustainability. Plastic, however, is not biodegradable or environmentally friendly. Boards will not cause waste build-up.


Hardwood boards are best for large shipments with high weight capacities. Wooden pallets can generally carry more weight than plastic pallets. You can trust that wooden pallets will transport your materials better than any plastic pallet.

Lumber Grades

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Many people new to the lumber industry may not be aware of lumber grades and how they are determined. The lumber grading system categorizes pallet lumber as “low-grade,” but that does not mean low quality. Low grade refers to the lumber that comes from the center of trees, compared to lumber that comes from the outer layers of a tree. Lumber cut from the outside of a tree is considered high grade because it has a better appearance with fewer blemishes

Lumber grade does not need to be a concern while purchasing boards. Grade is not reflective of the quality of the wood. Instead, the capabilities of the pallet boards are more important, especially for weight and size.

ISPM-15 Heat Treatment

To ship materials overseas using boards, the boards must be heat treated. This process kills any potentially harmful bacteria or organisms that may reside in the wood. The rules and regulations of pallet stock lumber are constantly changing, so it’s important to follow all set guidelines and standards.

Where to Get Pallet Boards

To find the best pallet board supplier in Northeast Ohio, a basic Google search will help narrow down your options. Search for “pallet boards” or “pallet boards near me” to find a reliable industrial lumber supplier today.