Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturers | What You Should Know Before Your Search

What Do Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturers Make?

Aerospace solenoid valve manufacturers specialize in the production of solenoid valves which are vital pieces of equipment. Solenoid valves are used for high pressure technological systems. Aerospace refers to aviation and/or space flight as well. The solenoid valve regulates the flow of liquids or air in power systems that are hydraulic or pneumatic.

The specific tasks of solenoid valves are to shut off, release, dose, and mix or distribute fluids. Solenoids are quick and safe and they have a long lifespan. The general construction of solenoid valves include the valve body, input and output ports, valve seats, and the opening that controls flow. The solenoid coil is an electromagnet that causes the plunging motion, when electrified. A cylinder that is sealed on one side makes the space that the plunger moves in.

Uses for Aerospace Solenoid Valves

Aerospace solenoid valves are very useful pieces of equipment, here are some uses of them:

Commercial Use

Solenoid components are vital to commercial applications such asining equipment, rivet guns, braking systems for commercial aircraft, and much more. Four-way valves are common among hydraulic aircraft systems, they switch supply and exhaust between outlet ports, these valves are controlled with a solenoid.

Aircraft Landing Gear

Solenoids are used for landing gear safety switches that  are used to open and close depending on the position of the main landing gear strut. During takeoff, the solenoid retracts a lock-pin, to allow the landing gear to be raised.

Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturers produce a key piece to landing gear

Aircraft Gauges

Pneumatic gauges are devices that are used to measure linear dimensions of a machine through the flow rate of air escaping under pressure. Keeping a constant measurement of air pressure within an aircraft is crucial, when flying. If there is an air leak, the occupants of the aircraft will face oxygen deficiency. Oxygen deficiency leads to confusion, then sleep, then death, and having good pneumatic gauges in an aircraft is paramount to safety.

Military Use

Solenoid components are not just vital to commercial use, they also are needed for military use. Outside of military aircraft that would overlap with commercial use, like in aircraft, solenoid valves are used to operate valves in missiles, on top of their ground launch machines.

Aircraft Internal Components

Solenoids are used to control the distribution of air, fuel, fluids, along with other gasses that affect the control ability of planes, helicopters, satellites, and rockets. A reason why solenoid valves are so popular in aircrafts is because they can be placed in a remote location and be controlled simply from an electrical switch.

Time to Get Your Search Started! solenoid components can handle the wide range of stress that comes with aerospace use. The aerospace task may have intense vibration levels, extreme temperatures, and very high and low speeds during operation. The right aerospace solenoid valve manufacturers can get you different sized solenoid components to best fit your application.

There are some aspects of solenoid valves to consider when comparing aerospace solenoid valve manufacturers. Flow rate, pressure, the fitting size or mounting type need to be taken into account for your machinery and application use. Good aerospace solenoid valve manufacturers will be able to make the solenoid valve that meets the requirements of size, power, and durability.

Now you can get your search started and find the solenoid valve you need!