3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About an LS Conversion

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Learn More About the Purpose of an LS Conversion for Your Vehicle 

Whether you’re a car fanatic or just starting to learn about engines, there’s never a bad time to refresh your knowledge on engine swaps and LS conversions. A transmission swap is no small task and requires careful consideration. In this article, you’ll learn about the most frequently asked questions regarding an LS conversion. You should always contact a reliable engineer about the specifics of your car and transmission. Transmission swaps are not necessarily cheap, and you don’t want to waste extra money on a swap that isn’t compatible with your car. A typical engine swap can range from $1,500 to $12,000.  Read on to learn more about the three most frequently asked questions about an LS conversion.  

#1 What is an LS Conversion? 

LS conversions are the process of swapping and installing an engine into another car. LS stands for any engine that’s manufactured by General Motors. The GM V8 engine was commonly used in the Chevy Corvette starting in 1997 and is a popular option for aftermarket engine conversions, known as LS Swaps. To complete an LS conversion, you will need some type of LS swap kit. Each swap kit varies depending on what car you are switching transmissions in. LS conversions are not a simple project to complete on your own. For a conversion you will need:
  • Motor mounts
  • Transmission crossmembers
  • Driveshaft
  • Oil pan
  • Throttle cable modification
  • Front end accessories
  • Wiring harness
  • ECU
  • Exhaust 
  • Cooling Components 
If you’re interested in a conversion, you can search for a Z33 Kit: Nissan 350Z V8 LS Conversion Kit or a Z32 Kit: Nissan 300Z V8 LS Conversion Kit to help you complete the swap.   

#2 How Do I Know Which Crossmember I Need? 

The first thing you need to determine is how the LS engine conversion has affected the drivetrain location. Typical LS conversions move the engine forward between 1 to 2 inches. LS engines need to move forward to provide enough clearance to the firewall. Older V8 engineers had the cylinder heads offset forward from the rear of the engine block. An LS engine cylinder head remains in a rearward position.  To move your engine forward, you will need an LS Conversion Adjustable Motor Mount Adapter Set. This adapter lets you position the LS engine in the original equipment manufacturer location, or forward by 1 or 2 inches. With the set, you don’t need to remove the entire engine to change the position.   

#3 What Makes the Chevy S10 LS Swap Popular?

If you go to a local car show, you’ll notice how popular the Chevy S10 is. This vehicle is lightweight and manufactured with the strength of a full frame, making it the perfect performance build. Chevy stopped producing S10’s in 2004, but their demand continued, giving aftermarket manufacturers a reason to provide new build options.  One important factor of the Chevy S10 LS swap is overlooking the V8 engine. It’s essential to match a V8 engine to a transmission capable of meeting the buyer’s expectations. You have to consider that the new engine or transmission was never originally intended for the specific model or conversion. A Chevy LS conversion brings the Chevy S10 into the modern world of advanced engines.   

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Now that you know more about an LS conversion, you can make an informed decision about the type of transmission swap you should perform. You’ll want to research the difference between manual and automatic transmission swap specifications to prepare yourself. Once you’re ready, contact an auto parts engineer to find out what LS swap kit is best for you.       Other products that we manufacture include: z32 ls swap allison transmission adapters 300zx cd009 z32 ls1 conversion kit 12v cummins to th400 adapter chevy cummins engine mounts 73 87 cummins swap 12 valve cummins 4l80e adapter 12 valve cummins to 4l80e adapter chevy cummins swap motor mounts caprice crossmember 6bt cummins performance 1965 impala transmission crossmember 69 camaro t56 crossmember mustang 350 chevy swap how to put a chevy motor in a mustang 69 camaro crossmember 5th gen camaro th400 swap kit f body transmission crossmember z33 transmission chevy cummins motor mounts 1968 camaro crossmember how to put a 350 in a mustang gm transmission mount 12v cummins to 4l80e 4l80e in g body 1979 camaro transmission crossmember f body crossmember gforce performance 300zx ls swap cost