Epoxy Basement Floor Colors & Options | Find The Best Epoxy Basement Floor Choice For Your Home

basement flooring options are not too limited, some very cool colors as seen above can be achieved

Understanding Your Basement Flooring Options

Epoxy basement floors are an investment that should be carefully considered. If you find the right company, you can have a well-made, long-lasting floor installed that adds value to your home. But what should you expect when it comes to the epoxy basement floor colors options? There are many options and plenty of room for personal expression. 

Even though each company offers epoxy flooring differently, there is a price range that you should aim for. Epoxy floors that cost between $7 and $10 per square foot are reasonable for any company. With this basement epoxy floor coating cost, you will have a quality floor, perhaps with custom options.

Before starting to compare epoxy basement floor costs between companies, let’s take a look at why epoxy is a smart and sustainable choice for your home.

What Is Epoxy And Why Is It A Good Choice For My Basement?

Resin and a hardening agent are used to make epoxy flooring. After these two elements react, it produces a hard, plastic coating within a few days. Aside from its durability, epoxy is easy to clean and can produce a glossy surface that adds aesthetic appeal to your space.

You might be asking “What is the price of epoxying a basement floor?”, which then begs the question “what type of epoxy is being used?” Traditional epoxy is likely to be cheaper than tougher epoxy coatings because it comes with all of the basic benefits but isn’t as customizable and may not last as long.

The epoxy basement floor cost for a polyaspartic epoxy floor, for example, will be slightly higher. In the flooring industry, polyaspartic epoxy is a leading material due to its extreme strength, protection against peeling, and increased longevity. Additionally, polyaspartic epoxy permanently bonds to the concrete basement floor, so it requires less maintenance and repair than traditional epoxy.

Before making your epoxy basement floor purchase you’ll have to decide between upfront savings and long-term sustainability. Be sure to reach out to a vendor as they will often be very knowledgeable about their products. 

Cleaning Made Easy

A polyaspartic epoxy coating adheres permanently to the concrete of your original basement floor, providing the highest degree of durability and protection. Afterward, you have an impermeable and nonporous surface. This means no dirt, stains, or debris will be able to work their way into your new polyaspartic coating. If the entrance to your home is through the basement, a polyaspartic coating is the best way to protect your floors over time.

Maintaining a clean epoxy floor is as easy as vacuuming or mopping, and with its non-porous surface, you’ll be done cleaning up in no time.

Epoxy Basement Floor Colors

Due to being formed out of resin, the versatility of your color options is vast. Resins are mixtures of organic compounds that are usually convertible into polymers in polymer chemistry and materials science. Resins can be either solids or highly viscous materials. This means they are easily mixed with other components, which makes it simple to color and fashion them to fit the aesthetic goals of your home. Many companies offer a wide range of epoxy basement floor colors. It’s just up to you to find the one that best fits your needs!

Consider a company with good experience and thorough processes to guarantee your materials are set properly and settle into the environment without a hitch. Most advanced installations will require at least two days. No matter what your basement floor needs, epoxy flooring options are available in Ohio near you. 

Once your new epoxy flooring is installed, consider the benefits of choosing great painted wall colors to go with your new floor.