4 Key Factors in Buying a Used Commercial Washer | Commercial Laundry Machine For Sale

commercial used washer and commercial laundry machine for sale

Choosing the right commercial laundry machine for sale can be challenging; there’s a lot to consider. There are not only different brands to select from, but also different capacities, features, and specifications to consider.

In addition to those, you have the everyday business tasks and all of the other operations that come with starting or running a business.

These factors make it hard to sit down and take them into consideration. We’ve outlined some of the key things to look for when buying a used commercial washer to help you focus and narrow your selections down.

Cost & Financing

Whenever a business makes a purchase, the cost is always a major consideration. A commercial laundry machine for sale is no exception. Plan and budget for this investment appropriately and consider how it fits into your long-term business strategy.

Do your research first, and then prepare a realistic budget. Then, when you purchase the equipment, be sure to stay within your budget. This is often easier said than done.

There are many commercial laundry distributors that offer flexible financing options for investors.  It is also a good idea to look at the equipment warranties, in the event of damage. 

That being said, buying new isn’t always the best option, either. When done through trusted vendors offering reputable brands, buying used can be a great investment.

A problem with industrial equipment repair is that it can become extremely expensive, very quickly. It is often more cost-effective to purchase a used machine than to repair a broken one. 

Size & Capacity

Commercial laundry machine for sale

The size and capacity of your commercial laundry equipment will depend on your industry and facility.

Medical facilities, for example, may need large-capacity equipment that can handle a large volume of linens. Whereas, some businesses, like fitness centers and salons, can benefit from smaller machines that handle smaller loads of laundry in a more continuous flow.

Also, consider the size of your facility when choosing machines. It’s not worth investing in a large capacity machine if it takes up more space than you’re willing to give up. An experienced distributor can help you design a functional laundry room for you, your staff, and your customers.

Remember to account for future growth plans, expansions, and remodeling. You want to invest in your future and make sure your equipment continues working for you!

Eco-Friendly Features

Utility costs are one of the most important considerations for laundry equipment investors. Any type of laundry facility, whether it is a laundromat, an on-premises facility, or a multi-housing facility, will be more successful and profitable if it can save water and electricity.

You would be better off looking for eco-friendly products which will reduce your water and electric usage. You can ensure energy savings by purchasing newer machines, but you can also take other steps.

Hot Water Is Not Always Better

There’s a popular laundry myth that hot water provides a better clean when doing laundry, but as the word ‘myth’ suggests, that simply isn’t the case. 

Energy Star estimates that washing machines use about 90% of their energy to heat water during the laundry cycle. The majority of today’s detergents can be activated by water temperatures much lower than what was previously required, so it doesn’t make sense to keep using so much hot water in our laundry.

In commercial laundry businesses, hot water is also a major cause of high linen replacement costs. The truth is that hot water is much harder on fabrics than cold water, causing faster wear and accelerating the need to replace items.

Its often thought a used commercial washer can’t be energy efficient, but oftentimes more issues stem from overheating water. 

The use of ambient temperature washing sterilizes fabrics just as well as hot water, without the high energy output and wear-and-tear on linens. So save the energy, and turn down the water temperature. 

Best Practice For Finding A Commercial Laundry Machine For Sale

There are many factors to consider when shopping for industrial supplies of any kind. In this case, these factors will affect your profitability and daily workflow in many cases. Be sure to use a vendor you can trust when considering new or used industrial laundry equipment.