Upgrade Your Garage With These 4 Tips | Garage Floor Drain Cover & More!

Give Your Garage the Final Upgrade It Needs 

Your garage can be a space for work, storage, or parking. No matter how you use your garage, it’s important to take care of the space. A well-maintained garage can increase the value of your home, as well as create a functional space. You want to keep your garage updated with the latest flooring and storage. A new garage floor drain cover is a small but great way to revamp your garage space. If your garage needs an upgrade, here are 4 ways to get started.

 #1 Clean Your Garage Thoroughly 

If your garage is full of tools, bikes, and other outdoor items, it’s more than likely that clutter and dirt will build up in your garage. A garage is constantly exposed to outdoor elements as you open and close the door. Dirt, leaves, and debris can build up in corners and around objects in your garage. The best way to avoid clutter and dirt is to clean out your garage regularly.  A simple way to upgrade your garage is to start with cleaning. Sort through items you no longer use and can be donated. Look for items that are broken or don’t work that can be thrown away. Cleaning out your garage will help you understand how much space you have to work with. Once you’ve removed old items from your garage, you’re also ready to give your garage floor a thorough cleaning. A clean garage floor will reveal if your garage floor drain cover is working properly or if you need a garage drain cover replacement.

#2 Invest in a New Garage Floor

a nice new garage (work done by Ohio Garage Interiors)If you’re looking for an even bigger way to renovate your garage, try a new garage floor! If you’ve already been looking for ways to upgrade your garage, you’ve probably heard of epoxy floor installation. When done by professionals, epoxy flooring can give you a durable and customizable garage floor. The combination of a new garage floor and a garage floor drain cover will instantly improve the functionality and appearance of your garage.  It’s important to carefully consider who you choose as an epoxy floor installation company. DIY epoxy floors can be difficult and expensive if not done correctly. Modern flooring technology gives consumers like you more customization options like color and design. You want a garage floor that will be easy to clean as well as durable. A new epoxy garage floor and a garage floor drain cover will ensure your garage stays dry and protected.

Garage floor drain cover - before and after pic. of drain#3 Buy a New Garage Floor Drain Cover

Once your garage is cleaned out and sealed with a new epoxy garage floor, it’s time to pick a garage drain cover replacement. A garage floor drain cover might seem like a small investment, but it will make a large impact on your garage. Your garage floor drain is designed to let water flow freely out of your garage to avoid standing water. Without a garage floor drain cover, all the debris that washes in your garage would go directly down the drain and eventually clog it, causing major blockage problems. If you have an old garage floor drain cover that has rusted and started to chip, these pieces can break off into your drain and continue to cause blockage problems. The best way to avoid all of these issues is to invest in a powder-coated carbon steel garage floor drain cover. It’s built to withstand weather changes, debris, road salt, and other outdoor elements. Your garage will thank you for buying a new garage drain cover replacement.

#4 Add Your Style

Once your garage is complete with a new epoxy floor and a garage floor drain cover, it’s time to add some personality! Think of ways you can creatively upgrade your garage to make it your personalized space. Custom shelves along the back wall could be great for tool storage. Or maybe the logo of your favorite football team in the center of your floor would look great. Your options are endless. Even though your garage might not be the most popular space in your home, there’s no reason that it can’t be styled and up-to-date to match the rest of your home. You can talk to a garage flooring specialist about creative ways to upgrade your garage with a new epoxy floor and a garage floor drain cover.