Where to Find Viable Transmission Mounts For The TH700R4 Transmission

Transmission Mounts for the TH700r4 transmission

Transmission Mounts

Before we look at transmission mounts for the TH700r4 transmission, we should have an understanding of what a transmission mount is. Transmission mounts are used to support the transmission on the chassis of your vehicle, along with reducing noise and vibration from passing through the rest of your vehicle. Most vehicles have multiple transmission mounts.

Transmission mounts usually have a rubber or rubberlike bushing that is attached to a bracket made from something sturdy, like steel. The actual design of the mount varies. The bracket secures the transmission to your vehicle and the rubberlike bushing does the magic of reducing vibrations and noise.

Signs That It’s Time For a New Mount

There are a few indicators that you need a new trans mount, and most of them are noticeable. The causes of trans mount failure is usually from oxidation and/or vibration, damage from an accident, or errors during installation.

If you have any banging sounds, that probably indicates metal pieces hitting each other. If the metal pieces hitting each other, so are the engine and the pieces surrounding it. Lastly, damaged mounts allow for shifting weight, and even if the shifting is subtle that can lead to the chassis of your vehicle to flex over time. A sure sign of this is doors becoming misaligned.

Transmission Mounts for the TH700R4 Transmission

The TH700zr4 transmission is a brawny transmission from GM. The TH700R4 was used for GM cars for over a decade, and it’s popular in part because of how easy it is to find this model. To find the right transmission mounts for the TH700R4 transmission, you can use an adjustable mount.

Adjustable Transmission Mount

The GM RWD adjustable transmission mount is a viable option for Th700rh transmissions. The adjustable ability of the mount allows for use on other transmissions like: 700R4, 4L80E, 4L60, and 4L60E.

What’s Next, Once You Have Your Trans Mount?

Once you have your transmission mount, it is time for installation. Installation can be done by your mechanic or even by yourself.


The installation process starts by parking on a level surface. For an automatic transmission like the TH700R4, you will need to be in park. Now, block the front wheels and a rear wheel. Jack up the vehicle from underneath the front crossmember, and raise to a comfortable level, then set jack stands underneath the frame and lower your vehicle onto them. Now, support your transmission with a block of wood and the jack.

Grab Your Wrench

Remove the bolts or nuts that secure the trans mount to the transmission. Next,  remove the nuts or bolts that secure the trans mount to the transmission crossmember. Lift the transmission to remove your old trans mount.

New Transmission Mount

Place the new mount between the transmission and crossmember. Tighten your nuts or bolts to the mount and transmission, and be sure that they aren’t too tight. Now that all of the nuts or bolts are in place and loosely tightened, tighten them fully. Lower the jack and remove it. Tighten the nuts or bolts on the transmission to the crossmember.

Finish Up

Raise the vehicle and remove the stands and lower the jack again. Now remove your wheel blocks and drive!