Should I Switch to a Linen Folding Machine? | Here’s The Top Factors to Consider

laundry facility using a linen folding machine
a linen folding machine in an industrial laundry facility

Choosing The Right Time To Optimize Your Facility  

Like many factories across the country, automated processes and operations are becoming standard. Automatic processes can optimize production and keep employees safe around dangerous equipment. But is automation the right choice for your industrial laundry facility? Our exploration of a linen folding machine and other industrial laundry equipment may help clear the fog. 

First, it’s important to know what industries benefit from industrial laundry equipment. Hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes, catering facilities, and laundromats all need industrial laundry equipment. Each of these industries processes high volumes of linens and needs to be able to clean and press them quickly. Equipment like a linen folder machine can optimize ironing and drying time. Read on to learn more about how a linen folding machine can automate your laundry processing. 


Quality Ironing 

A linen folding machine is ideal to improve and speed up the ironing process in your laundry facility. Places like high-end hotels and catering services can charge extra for freshly ironed tablecloths and bed linens. A typical iron can provide a high-quality look and feel to linens, but they are not as quick and efficient. A linen folder machine automates the process while delivering even better results. 

Below are just a few benefits of a linen folder machine:

  • Improved quality – Better presentation and feel.
  • Extended life – Extend your linen’s life when items move straight from the washer to the linen folder machine which reduces moisture, dryer time, and wear-and-tear. 
  • Lower utility costs – Lower dryer times reduce electric and gas bills 
  • Physical labor – Only two people are needed to operate the commercial laundry folding machine.
  • Production threshold – Ideal for laundry facilities that process 20-180 washing pounds per hour. 

A commercial laundry folding machine moves linens directly from the washer to the dryer and ironer. If this was completed manually, there would be more time spent between transferring linens and loading them into new machines. While automation isn’t necessary for every industry, automated processes with a commercial laundry sheet folder are ideal for facility optimization. 


Additional Benefits

A commercial laundry sheet folder is necessary for industrial laundry facilities that process high volumes of linens. Once a laundry facility goes above 180 washing pounds per hour, an automated laundry process is needed. Without an automated machine, like a Chicago edge feeder, physical labor would not be able to keep up with the demands of the unloading, loading, folding, and stacking that takes place. 

With a Chicago edge feeder, linens are fed into the machine by the operators, and then the machine does the rest! It will iron, fold, fold again, and stack the linens all in one process for improved production and quality. A Chicago ironer with a straight feed system ensures a higher-quality product as well and more accurate results. 


Upgrade Your Industrial Laundry Facility

Industries like hospitals, hotels, and catering services all work within the parameters of customer service and care. They need to deliver the best products and services each time, and that includes something as simple as freshly pressed linens. To keep up with these demands, each industry needs a Chicago ironer to optimize their laundry processes and increase employee safety and productivity. With fewer employees manually loading, unloading, ironing, and pressing clothing, they can be productive in other areas of your facility. If your industrial laundry facility needs an upgrade, consider upgrading your laundry equipment to include linen folding machines. 

laundry facility using a linen folder machine